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Novaweld-branded products and NovaweldTM are licensed trademarks of Novaseal Corporation

NOVAWELD was the trade name associated with the original developer of wedge welding products. NOVAWELD-branded products are used for a variety of applications -- from field seaming geosynthetic materials including geomembranes, geotextiles, geocomposites, and gcls -- to factory seaming of vinyls, polypropylene, coated fabrics used in the manufacture of tents, awnings, covers, marine and medical products.

NOVAWELD-branded products are now manufactured in the United States by Novaseal Corporation.  In addition to manufacturing and supplying first-class products to the environmental, civil engineering and heat sealing industries, Novaseal also provides design-in and technical assistance, seam strength analysis, engineering services, welded samples, heat sealing and materials research, application and technical publications, and custom solutions for difficult applications. Novaseal has also applied its proprietary and patented wedge welding technologies to modify existing factory seam welding machinery -- i.e., by replacing hot air with wedge welding, one of our clients, a Denver-based manufacturer of water reservoir liners using polypropylene was able to increase their welding rate from 10 feet per minute using conventional hot air means to 40 feet per minute with Novaseal’s Wedge Welded products!

Novaseal is a member of GEOSYN, an internet-based forum and Directory for geosynthetics industry professionals -- help-line resource.

All NOVAWELD-branded wedge welding products use the patented and proprietary Base Pressure Roller (BPR) method of seam welding.
How You Seam Your Products

NOVAWELDing outperforms sewing (up to 10-times faster), outperforms R.F. and Ultrasonics (up to 5-times faster). Isn't it time you considered replacing outdated Sewing, R.F., Ultrasonics and Hot Air with NOVAWELDing? Click here for a product table featuring NOVAWELD-branded products and Novaseal products. Or call us for a quote, 561-470-3267 or via Internet.